B2works rebranding
B2Works acts as a bridge between temporary workers from European countries and Dutch local businesses that require their services.
One of my passions is to reveal a brand's true essence to its target audiences. That's why it was a pleasure collaborating with B2Works, a prominent Dutch employment agency, over 2023. As usual, the most fulfilling part of rebranding is when the tangible results show up almost immediately.
I began working with B2Works, a Dutch employment agency, in October 2022. The client wanted to boost the company's organic growth by implementing a systematic and effective marketing approach. After a series of discussions, we decided that B2Works needed to update its brand to reflect its inner essence of being a great employment agency that serves both temporary workers and companies.

Our biggest challenge was to communicate with two different audiences in two languages, English and Dutch.

B2Works acts as a bridge between temporary workers from European countries and Dutch local businesses that require their services. This means that B2Works needs to clearly convey its message to Dutch companies in Dutch — while explaining in English the benefits of working with the employment agency to potential temporary workers. Moreover, the language used for the temporary workers needs to be basic English, as most of them have not achieved upper-intermediate fluency.
A screenshot from the new website
First of all, I conducted research on the temporary workforce market in Europe and gathered information from current temporary workers about how they found the company, what they like about it, and what the company could improve on. I created a simple poll in English, which was translated into Romanian, Latvian, and Polish, as most temporary workers come from these countries. We received an impressive 94 responses, which provided valuable insights.

Next, I completed a competition analysis by studying competitors' websites and social media to spotlight best marketing practices. I also interviewed core team members to gain insight into the company's clients and the ideal temporary worker profile they want to attract.

Based on all this information, I created the narrative part of the brand platform, which would serve as the foundation for the new website copy and visual rebranding. Once top management approved the brand platform, the company's operation director and I created a voiceover for the company video.
B2Works new logo created by Huqson
The next stage involved crafting copy for the English version, which targeted potential temporary employees. Then the Dutch version targeted Dutch companies in the industry, food, recycling, and logistics realms. Because I don't speak Dutch, we found a copywriter who adapted the copy to the Dutch market and took care of the company's social media. I helped with the overall social media strategy for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to shape the goal and the scope of work.

After several months of brand book, corporate video, and website creation by local contractors, we finally enjoyed the results of our hard work at the end of February 2024. The new website looks gorgeous and serves as an efficient marketing tool to showcase the company's dedication and professionalism — making it stand out from its competitors.

Within the first month after the new website launched, "the first results of the whole process are becoming visible — there is a significant increase in candidates applying through our own website and social media channels," said Mark Wijnhoven , B2Works's general director. "And at the same time, we are being noticed more on the client side."
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